N Nodal.NETworsystems Operator

Indianapolis, Indiana

Army National Guard
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As a Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer for the Army National Guard, you can expand your technological skillset while serving your Nation at the same time. The Guard relies on many complex systems to communicate, and the Nodal Network Maintainer ensures the functionality of these systems in support of operational requirements.

Your duties will include: supervising, installing, operating, and performing field-level maintenance on Internet Protocol-based high-speed electronic communication systems; working with integrated network control centers; performing network management functions by maintaining, troubleshooting, and re-engineering communication assets; and maintaining communications security, or COSMEC devices and other equipment associated with network communication operations.

Job Duties

• Field-level maintenance on electronic nodal assemblages, combat net radios, and ancillary communications equipment

Some of the Skills You'll Learn

• Electronic switching systems repair and WAN network

• Maintaining telephone exchange

• Maintain Internet Protocol

Helpful Skills

• Interest in working with nodal equipment

• Knowledge of Internet Protocol

• Configuring, operating, and troubleshooting routers and E-switches

• Ability to work as a team member

Through your training, you will develop the skills and experience to enjoy a civilian career as a network support technician, data processing technician, or computer programmer in just about any company that uses computers.

Earn While You Learn
Instead of paying to learn these skills, get paid to learn. In the Army National Guard, you will learn these valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance.

Job training for a Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer position requires 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you learn basic Soldiering skills, and 18 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field under simulated combat conditions. The National Guard is a unique element of the U.S. military that serves both community and country. The Guard responds to domestic emergencies, overseas combat missions, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction missions and more. Any state governor or the President of the United States can call on the Guard in a moment's notice. Guard Soldiers hold civilian jobs or attend college while maintaining their military training part time. Guard Soldiers' primary area of operation is their home state. The Guard dates back to 1636, when Citizen-Soldiers formed militias to defend community and country. And for 377 years, the Guard has stayed true to its roots. Enlisting in the National Guard means more time at home. Training typically requires one weekend each month, with a two-week training period once each year. Get a degree with money for school, learn job skills that translate to the civilian world, make bonds that last a lifetime and earn pride for life. When you become a Guard Soldier, your family will thank you, your country will thank you and your future will owe you. Contact a recruiter to find more specifics about your opportunities in the Army National Guard.

Job Requirements:
•  Paid training
•  A monthly paycheck
•  Montgomery GI Bill
•  Federal and State tuition assistance
•  Retirement benefits for part-time service
•  Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage)
•  401(k)-type savings plan
•  Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans)
•  Health care benefits available
•  VA home loans
•  Bonuses, if applicable
•  Most non-prior service candidates will earn between $200 and $250 per drill weekend, subject to change
•  Military enlistment in the Army National Guard
•  Must be at least a junior in high school, or have a high school diploma or a GED certificate
•  Must be between the ages of 17 and 35
•  Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards
•  Must meet citizenship requirements (see for details)
Requires military enlistment. Programs and benefits are subject to change. Ask your Army National Guard recruiter for the most up-to-date information. Actual MOS assignment may depend on MOS availability.
Date Posted: 25 September 2022
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