Mechanical/Certified Welding Inspector

San Antonio, Texas

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Job Description

We are looking for inspectors in and around the area for the inspection of industrial material and equipment.

The Inspector will be assigned to a variety of industrial projects related vendor/shop inspections or vendor surveillance including QAQC inspections during the fabrication of various equipment and machines.

Typically, the inspections would require visual/physical inspection, witness of testing, review of QA/QC documentation including MTRs.

Each inspection completed would require inspector issuing a report of findings within the specific time limit.

The Inspector will be required to sign an independent contractor agreement/sub-contractor agreement (1099) with SGS North America Inc.

Work will be assigned on as needed basis and will be paid for the hours/days and other applicable cost items for the hours/days spent on the assigned work.

The work duration could be a day or several days or several weeks.

Each time an inspection is completed an invoice with a time sheet is expected to pay the inspector for the completed job. Normal payment terms of the contract is 15 to 20 days after receipt of invoice.

Date Posted: 13 April 2024
Job Expired - Click here to search for similar jobs