DOT Field Service Mechanic

Maryville, Tennessee

Sudden Service, Inc.
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Basic Purpose:
The accountability of this position is for the continuation of excellent customer relations between TMW and customers of new and used equipment by providing prompt and efficient service as authorized by customer and as assigned by the Service Supervisor.

Nature and Scope:
This position reports to the Service Supervisor from whom work assignments are received. Parts are requisitioned and reports are submitted through that office. Since some of the service calls are as a result of incumbent's contacts or solicitations, the Field Service Mechanic is required to keep his supervisor informed of his activities and any change in his schedule. Servicemen are usually assigned to a territory, but are called upon to assist in other areas as required. Some may not be attached, but "float" on special assignments or to fill in as needed.

This "Service after Sales" contact helps to enhance company image and reputation in the field and directly affects repeat sales. The incumbent develops a personal relationship with the customer and establishes a source for service and parts, showing a positive and concerned interest in customer needs evidenced as follows: (a) upon delivery of a machine - assembling, if necessary, performing inspections, training operator in machine operation, its functions and capabilities, setting forth warranty and maintenance requirements; (b) making routine calls as time permits; (c) performing prompt and satisfactory repair or replacement service; (d) correct reporting of time, parts, travel, etc., to assure correct billing.

The above accountabilities require some vocational training and formal schooling in hydraulics and diesel engine repair. The position calls for considerable experience as a general mechanic and additional experience in welding, hydraulics and diesel engine repair. Some of this training and experience may be acquired at TMW, to gain familiarity with the product, its parts, and assemblies, its literature, and the company policies affecting warranty. The incumbent is called upon to interpret blueprints, wiring and hydraulic diagrams, parts catalogs, lubrication charts and repair manuals. He must show versatility and ingenuity to get the machinery operating in the least possible time. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Consults with Service Supervisor to plan effective work and travel schedule, giving priority to customer need, considering location of machine and availability of parts.
  • Diagnoses malfunctions; repairs and/or replaces worn and defective parts; installs new assemblies, adjusts devices and controls - to correct malfunctions and to keep machines in operating condition.
  • Provides tools and parts and arranges for facilities to perform repair work (usually on customer premises).
  • Inspects, operates and tests machine upon initial delivery, at specified inspection intervals and upon completion of any repair work to ensure proper functioning of equipment and its components.
  • Reports to Service Supervisor such information as name of customer, description of machine, nature of malfunction, the time involved in working, driving, and waiting, mileage, etc., so that proper accounts can be charged and proper billing can be made.
  • Strives to increase technical skills through attendance at company-sponsored vocational schools, annual training meeting of departmental personnel and reading of technical literature.
  • Promotes and enhances company image by maintaining a neat, personal appearance and by keeping the service truck in a clean, polished, and orderly condition.
  • Experienced or advanced servicemen are expected to serve as troubleshooters on recurring or unusual problems, conferring with Engineering, Manufacturing, and other service personnel to resolve.
  • Experienced or advanced servicemen will be expected to train new servicemen or to supervise a team of servicemen in the assembling or servicing of large units or in a joint effort on large repair jobs.

    Educational Requirements:
  • Some vocational or formal schooling in hydraulics and diesel engine repair.
  • Three years on the job experience in diesel mechanics and hydraulics. Schooling in these fields could substitute for some of the job experience.
  • Basic computer skills required.
  • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints and other technical material.
  • While it is not a requirement that the FSM pass the AWSD14 Welding Test, the incumbent is required to pass the tacker test. The FSM is encouraged to practice and improve welding skills to pass the AWSD14 Welding Test in order to be considered for future promotions.
    Physical Requirements:
  • This job requires stooping, bending, climbing, and capability of lifting up to 50 pounds.

    Other Job Requirements:
  • Incumbent must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record, since employee will be driving company owned vehicle and will be covered under corporate insurance which has strict coverage requirements.
  • Must be DOT certifiable.
  • Incumbent will be required on occasion to stay overnight at out of town locations.
Date Posted: 27 May 2024
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