CNC Machine Set Up & Operator

Cleveland, Ohio

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CNC Machine Setup Operator Job Description
Reports To: Plant Manager Department: Shop Floor

Job Function:
Set-up and operate CNC machines to produce high quality finished pieces to exacting tolerances and interrelated dimensions.

Essential Functions :
  1. Select and install the appropriate tooling and stops.
  2. Follow procedures for starting, stopping, inspecting the quality of the materials and work in process.
  3. Inspect and measure work pieces to ensure that the dimensions meet specifications.
  4. Detect faulty operation or defective materi als; correct or report to supervisor.
  5. Remove finished work pieces from machines and place them in boxes or on racks; set aside pieces that are defective.
  6. Complete work in a timely manner , according to departmental schedules.

Additional Responsibilities :
  1. Maintain a clean work environment, including surrounding areas and equipment.
  2. Perform basic maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating machine parts. Make sure all moving parts are oiled on machine.
  3. Thoroughly and accurately maintain job and production records.
  4. Watch delivery schedules.
  5. Work to improve quality and production while l imit ing the waste of product .
  6. Observe all safety and health regulations.
  7. Perform other com pany-related duties as required.

  1. Minimum of 2 years experience as a CNC machine set-up operator in a close tolerance manufacturing environment.
  2. Able to accurately read and interpret blueprints and job routings.
  3. Ex per ien ce understanding and writ ing /mod i fy ing G & M c ode s
  4. Able to solve tooling and set-up problems with minimal technical supervision.
  5. Proficient in the use of all precision measuring equipment including mechanical, optical, and computer assisted measuring equipment .
  6. Self-starter with strong analytical and problem-solving skills .
  7. Ability to perform close visual work.
  8. Dependable and efficient.
  9. Ab ility to take direction from others.

Addi tio n al Inf orma tion
  1. P ay : $20- $22/hr . C a n be h igh er for mo re e x per ien ced can didates
  2. 1 st Shift (7: 00am 3 :30pm) M onday through Fr iday
  3. O ver ti me as needed
  4. PPE pr o vided by em ployer , if needed

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Date Posted: 13 April 2024
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