AZES Manager Environmental Services

Bouse, Arizona

Rose Acre
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POSITION DESCRIPTION: The role of the Environmental Services Manager entails ensuring Rose Acre Farms is in compliance with rules and guidelines of the US Department of Environmental Management. He or she will work with various farms in manure disposal, soil testing of local areas, and in keeping local areas and waterways clean of any excessive waste from Rose Acre Farms Production facilities. This position will require frequent work with both farm personnel and local communities to ensure Rose Acres maintains proper disposal of waste, and that the disposition of the local community and government agencies are satisfied with Rose Acres' efforts.


Responsible for the interpretation of soil tests, and in ensuring that crop fertility recommendations are made using chicken manure and eggshells as soil amendments.
Responsible for the application of soil amendments within the guidelines and rules of the Department of Environmental Management for the state the manager is working in.
Responsible for managing and directing personnel in the areas of application for soil amendments.
Responsible for the maintenance of soil amendment application equipment.
Responsible for operating application equipment as needed.
Responsible for manure sales.
Responsible for eggshell sales.
Responsible for working with Rose Acres' complex managers to ensure overall environmental compliance satisfaction regarding manure disposal within the viewpoint of the local public and in the overall guidelines of governmental agencies.
Responsible for various projects as directed by the Vice President of Environmental Services.


High school diploma is required. College level training in agriculture science, agronomy, agribusiness, chemistry, biology, or poultry science is desired.
Previous experience in soil testing, experience with the US Dept. of Environmental Management guidelines, or manure disposal is highly desired.
Must possess previous management experience (not necessarily agriculture) or be capable of performing management functions as determined by current farm management/ complex managers.
Must have previous knowledge of operating farm equipment or be capable or learning how to operate application equipment.
Must possess a working knowledge of egg production facilities and liquid egg processing plants.
Capable of working long hours if needed to complete special projects.
Must be available for travel between farms and farms in other states.
Capable of working weekend shifts and maintaining a flexible schedule.
Possess excellent teamwork skills - must be willing to assist with other areas as needed by the Complex Manager
Ability to handle multiple tasks at once - the ability to deal with stressful situations and still get the job done.
Ability to treat co-workers and managers with respect and courtesy.
Must have previous computer experience or possess the ability to learn computer programs - namely relevant Microsoft programs such as MS Excel.


Must possess the ability to work in an agricultural environment, indoors, outdoors, office, warehouse, processing, and farm production areas each varying in temperature, and other environment specific atmospheres.
Must possess the ability to work in an open office setting.


Rose Acre Farms is fully committed to providing our animals with a safe and healthy environment, free from abuse and treated humanely in all aspects.
All team members are obligated by moral duty, Rose Acre Farms requirement (refer to Animal Abuse Policy in Rose Acre Farms Handbook), and legal obligation to uphold the strictest animal welfare structured environment and are obligated to report any incidents of abuse, neglect or breach of bio-security for the health and welfare of our animals.


No smoking allowed in workplace, break areas, or on any company property.
No smoking in company provided vehicles.

Rose Acres is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants. Applicants will receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic data, sexual orientation, gender identity or other legally protected status.

Disclaimer: Although this job description lists and identifies the primary duties of the listed position, it is not an exclusive list. As with all positions at Rose Acre Farms, the very nature and diversification of an egg production facility requires that all team members remain flexible to cover a wide variety of duties that may need covered.

The Information contained in this job description is not only to inform you of the requirements of this position, but will also be used to evaluate your work performance. This will include assisting in a determination of whether or not you will be entitled to certain bonuses and/or raises, and whether or not performance related disciplinary action would be taken against you.
Date Posted: 29 August 2022
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