Agronomy/Farming Consultant

Los Banos, California

The Morning Star Company
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The Morning Star Company

Agronomy and Farming Consultant

The Company

The Morning Star Company and its affiliates operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing 35% to 40% of the California processing tomato crop, in addition to tomato transplanting, harvesting, and trucking operations. Our affiliate, Lucero Farms, farms for its own account and works in joint ventures with other farmers to produce, principally, processing tomatoes as well as associated rotational crops.

The company employs approximately 450 year-round and 2,700 seasonal colleagues, and our annual sales are about $1 billion.

The Morning Star Company is the largest independent producer of bulk tomato ingredient products (tomato paste and diced tomatoes) in the world. We also produce canned tomatoes, tomato products and specialty sauces in pouches for customers in the retail and food service markets. The company is known worldwide for its innovation and integrity.

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Mission Focused Self-Management . Our company is operated by colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority. Authority relative to other colleagues' activities is lateral, with our Mission as our guiding principle of action, and internal respect, influence and success built based on each colleague's integrity, competency, effort, persistence, and straightforward persuasiveness. We intend to maintain a culture of individual responsibility and Mission Focused Self-Management .

The Position

This colleague's mission is to ensure an ample supply of high-quality processing tomatoes through the application of agronomic techniques and providing exceptional service and guidance to our grower-partners.

The successful candidate would likely have a meaningful, formal education in Mission related disciplines, such as, crop science, agronomy, or significant farming background. PCA license and/or QAL are preferred, but are not required. This position is for a hands-on professional who is both willing to learn and suggest improvements to our processes.

This Colleague will require a strong agriculture and business background, excellent analytical skills, a creative approach to growing processing tomatoes and persuasive leadership skills. This individual will work with associated Colleagues leading other major elements of the business.

Elements of Position

This individual is accountable for achieving the highest possible Return on Assets for Lucero Farms with the following specific responsibilities:
Learn Lucero Farms systems and processes by working alongside experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.
Advance over time to consult with growers to implement our processes to better meet customer specifications or requirements.
Review and analyze trends in all relevant technologies; understand and report on potential business implications of said trends and opportunities presented by these technologies, and; make recommendations for process/equipment change based on that analysis.
Participate in relevant trade shows and industry organizations/meetings.
Establish and maintain the reputation of Lucero Farms as the undisputed technical leader within the processing tomato growing business. Ensure that we are advancing toward full knowledge of the growing of processing tomatoes.
Maintain a favorable working relationship with all other Colleagues to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate, yet incorporating creative tension.

Knowledge and Experience Requirements

An undergraduate degree in agronomy, crop science or a similar discipline.
World-class knowledge of growing processing tomatoes, perhaps an advantage.

Principal Leadership Characteristics

Demonstrated leadership ability.
Excellent listening and communications skill, written and oral.
Understands, enjoys and is very good at the game of business.
Excellent analytical skill.
Substantial expertise with Excel, Word and other microcomputer applications.
Works independently, with broadly defined work objectives and limited review of overall results.
Leads by doing; willing to work long hours and "do any task" regardless how small.
Independent, confident individual who respects others.
Honest, forthright, trustworthy; not political.
Persistent but patient in getting results.
Driven to succeed and get things done - competitive.
Has a bias for action, but understands how to balance risk and reward.
Date Posted: 29 August 2022
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